Footballer is spared a driving ban

Reuben Hazell, who plays for Shrewsbury Town FC was caught driving whilst using his mobile phone. Mr Hazell already had 9 points on his license so was sent to court to determine the outcome.

Mr Hazell pleaded guilt but told the court that if he lost his license he would have no way to get to his training sessions.  He stated that public transport did not go near his destination and that friends or family couldn’t give him a lift.

The courts gave Mr Hazell 3 points, a £150 fine, charged him £35 costs and imposed a £15 victims’ surcharge.

Mr Hazell lives in Handsworth, Birmingham and Shrewsbury Town FC’s training ground is in Newport Road, Sundorne, Shrewsbury. Only down the road from his house is a train station and he can easily get to Shrewsbury Town train station in less than 1 hour with a single change. From there he can either get the bus to near the training ground or get a colleague to pick him up. Mr Hazell should be forced to live his 12 month ban without a car, he choose to break the law on several occasions to get a total of 12 points, just because it will mean a change in the way you get to work does not mean you should be let off!


Giant billboard warns on the dangers of texting whilst driving

A 13,000 square foot billboard is displaying a warning to drivers along the busiest freeway in America. The oversized billboard is visible to the millions of users along the 405.

The message is simple.


The problem with texting a driving is the distraction, is a 13,000 square foot billboard a distraction?

Over $13million in fines handed out in Australia

It’s been reported that over the past 12 months more than $13 million worth of fines have been handed out to 50,771 New South Wales drivers for driving whilst using a phone. On average that is more than $250 per person.

Apparently fines in NSW are a $265 fine and three demerit points, or $353 and four demerits within a school zone. The amounts don’t add up exactly, it does show that even if you increase the fines then people will still take the risk of driving whilst distracted.

$265 AUD equals £168. That is £108 more than the current fine that UK drivers face for driving whilst using a mobile phone.

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Driver Using Two Phones is Banned

David Secker was seen using two phones whilst driving along the A47 at 70mph. One phone was clamped to his ear and the other in his other hand reading a phone number. The police thought that he was steering with his knees.

Mr Secker got 14 points on his license, a £150 fine and a 12 month ban. He also was uninsured.

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